Customized stickers for the most demanding cyclists


What is Ace sticker?
Ace Sticker is a sticker customised with your name, surname (your blood type, if you want to) and a flag.
You can use the Ace Sticker to add your personal touch to your bike, helmet and sports equipment or simply all your favorite things because the only limit is your imagination!

Packs available?
We have at your disposal the "White bottom Pack" and the "Black bottom Pack".
Choose the background that best suits your bike or sports equipment and enjoy Ace Sticker !!

How do I receive?
You'll receive mail at the address you choose. Custom Pack consists of five high quality vinyl stickers 1cm long and the length of your name.

How do I pay?
It is very easy !!! You can do this quickly and securely via Paypal, bank transfer, credit card or debit card and cash on delivery (only in Spain). Shipping costs worldwide are already included in the price.

How long will my shipment?
Ace Sticker team will do everything possible for you to receive within 12-20 working days, but try to do it as fast as we can. Remember it is a custom adhesive that is made just for you.

How is the quality?
We work with vinyl exterior higher quality market so it does not take off, shrinkage or coluor or intensity.
The Sticker Ace are high strength and durability, and are apt to adhere to non-porous flat surfaces.

Order Cancellation ?
You may cancel your order at any time, provided we have not already entered your printing order.
To do so, please send us a mail as soon as possible, and we will contact you to inform you if your order can be fulfilled.

What if I get my Ace Sticker damaged?
Do not worry. If you have any problems with your adhesives send a photo along with the order number you find in your pack to and send you, without charge, a new game.

1 year warranty
We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer 1 year warranty from receipt of your Ace Sticker. IF you have any problem at this time, we simply send a message with a picture of your product deteriorated and we will send a new pack without question

Can I print my own picture, drawing or logo instead of a flag?
It is not yet possible, but follow us and be amazed of our progress. But if you notice that we are missing any flag, prepare and load the page in the shortest time possible.

Where are we?
You can find us in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Flags Decalogue
At Ace Sticker we work in order you can customize your equipment with the flag of your own country or any other you like best, we even put at your disposal a Miscellaneous area where you can choose the graphics for your name, and if you're looking for something special please ask usat and will be pleased to help you. In any case, BITVAX ONLINE SL, and due to company policy, reserves the right to select the flags shown on the website and will reject any graphics that may offend, attempt the human rights o represent a political ideology.